deviceTRUST 20.2.100 for Windows and 20.1.200 for macOS, IGEL and eLux is now available. See the Windows, macOS, IGEL or eLux release notes for more information.

deviceTRUST 20.1.200

This release contains bug fixes and minor changes to the deviceTRUST Host, Client and Console. See deviceTRUST 20.1.100 release notes for full details of the new features introduced in 20.1.100. If upgrading, please refer to Compatibility for changes in this release.

Send Mail Report

The Send Mail task option Include a report detailing why this task was executed has been enhanced with the following changes:

  • All contexts and properties are now included in the default report.
  • The detailed evaluation of contexts has been moved into a separate option within the console.
  • The report can now be generated in the German language.

Distance to a point

Distance to a point calculations can now be made relative to a custom point. This allows a location to be determined and stored as a property, such as %HOST_CUSTOM_EXPECTED_LOCATION% without the need to specify explicit latitude and longitude locations within the console.

Other changes

  • We’ve added clone buttons to contexts, conditions, actions, sequences, tasks and messages. This has replaced the old edit button. Editing can now be achieved by clicking on the item.
  • New Citrix Version templates have been added to the ‘Compliance Check’ category. These templates will either deny access or display a notification if Citrix Workspace or the Citrix HDX RealTime media engine version is old.
  • A border has been added to the popup windows. This ensures a better appearance especially when multiple popup windows are shown at the same time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with inaccuracy of ‘Time Span’ conditions and the HOST_SESSION_CONNECT_TIME when running on a physical device rather than within a virtual session.
  • Fixed an issue unmapping printers whenever the printer share name differs from the printers friendly name.
  • Fixed an issue mapping and unmapping printers, where referencing a property containing the printers to map, such as %HOST_CUSTOM_PRINTERS% would result in an error within the event log whenever the property was missing or set to an empty string.
  • Fixed a bug with the FSLogix App Masking task, where a failed attempt to update a missing rule assignment file (e.g. due to a missing file), would continue to fail even after resolving the problem.
  • Renamed the ‘dthook.exe’ process to ‘dtdefershell.exe’ following a recent AntiVirus update which determined that the process was malicious due to its name.
  • All non-printable characters have been removed from the logical disk serial number property.
  • Fixed an issue with the auto-update service of the deviceTRUST Client where the update would fail to download from a non-secure, http web server.


If upgrading from deviceTRUST 19.4 or earlier, be sure to refer to the deviceTRUST 20.1 Compatibility notes.

If upgrading from the deviceTRUST 20.1.100 or 20.1.110 release, there are no compatibility considerations. In addition, there have been no changes to the ADMX policy definitions.