The latest deviceTRUST 21.1.300 for Microsoft Windows is now available to Download.

IGEL Client 20.2.310

This release includes new features and bug fixes, and will be built into a forthcoming IGEL OS release. Alternatively, binaries are available from

The deviceTRUST 20.2.310 update includes minor changes and bugfixes. Additional information can be found below.

Amazon WorkSpaces & Windows Virtual Desktop support

We’ve included support for both Amazon WorkSpaces and also Windows Virtual Desktops when connecting from an IGEL device, offering the same set of properties available to other remoting clients. See the Supported Technologies for a complete list of the supported remoting clients.

Changes in 20.2.300

  • Network properties now support detection of the WPA3 Wi-Fi security standard.

Changes in 20.2.310

  • We’ve updated the Network properties with detection of VPN networks. These VPN networks all have a Type of PPP and a Virtual property set to true.

Bug Fixes in 20.2.300

  • Fixed an issue where our previous client would crash when using Citrix 21.03 or later.
  • Fixed an issue where the third party location properties would randomly fail.

Bug Fixes in 20.2.310

  • Fixed an issue where the WHOIS country and ISP could be inaccurate for IP addresses administered by RIPE but allocated by ARIN.
  • Fixed inconsistencies between with the values of DEVICE_NETWORK_X_TYPE and those found on other platforms.

Known issues

  • We don’t have the necessary permissions to determine the DEVICE_HARDWARE_BIOS_SERIAL property. Until we have a permanent solution, this can be solved by running dmidecode -s system-serial-number > /tmp/bios_serial_number within the IGEL configuration at System -> Firmware Customization -> Custom Commands -> Base -> Final initialization command.
  • When using Location properties, the Wi-Fi adapter does not persist the available access points for more than approximately 5 minutes when the device is in power saving mode. This results in insufficient access points to perform a third party geolocation. A Wi-Fi scan can be automatically initiated on Citrix, Amazon WorkSpaces and Windows Virtual Desktop depending upon the version of the deviceTRUST Client:
    • In 20.2.300, this is enabled by setting an environment variable DEVICETRUST_WIFI_SCAN=1.
    • In 20.2.310, this is automatically enabled but can be disabled by setting an environment variable DEVICETRUST_WIFI_SCAN=0.


There are no compatibility concerns with this release of the deviceTRUST IGEL Client.