The latest deviceTRUST 21.1.300 for Microsoft Windows is now available to Download.

macOS Client 20.2.310

This release includes minor changes and bug fixes to the deviceTRUST macOS Client. See macOS Client 20.2.200 release notes for full details of changes introduced in 20.2.200.

The deviceTRUST macOS Client 20.2.310 update includes an additional bugfix.

Detection of VPN Networks

We’ve updated the Network properties with detection of VPN networks. These VPN networks all have a Type of PPP and a Virtual property set to true.

Bug Fixes in 20.2.300

  • Fixed an issue where the WHOIS country and ISP could be inaccurate for IP addresses administered by RIPE but allocated by ARIN.
  • Fixed an issue where LOCATION properties would not return when insufficient access points were available to perform the geolocation.
  • Fixed other stability issues.

Bug Fixes in 20.2.310

  • Fixed an incompatibility with Amazon WorkSpaces Client 3.1.8 and later where our fault handler conflicted with third party libraries, causing a crash whenever an exception was thrown.


There are no compatibility concerns with this release of the deviceTRUST macOS Client.