The latest deviceTRUST 21.1.300 for Microsoft Windows is now available to Download.

Ubuntu Client 20.2.300

Welcome to our first release of the deviceTRUST Ubuntu Client with support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and later releases. See Installing the Ubuntu Client for details on how to install the client.

Supported Remoting Clients

The deviceTRUST Ubuntu Client includes support for the following remoting clients:

  • Citrix Workspace App
  • Amazon WorkSpaces Client
  • FreeRDP 2 (installed by sudo apt-get install freerdp2-x11)

Supported Properties

The following categories of properties are available:

  • deviceTRUST - Provides the version of the deviceTRUST Client.
  • Display - Describes the displays available to the user session.
  • Hardware - Describes the hardware and its capabilities.
  • Input - Describes the input devices available to the user session.
  • Location - Describes the geographical location of the endpoint.
  • Logical Disk - Describes the logical disks available to the user.
  • Name - Identifies the endpoint.
  • Network - Describes the network adapters and their bound network addresses.
  • OS - Provides information about the operating system installed on the endpoint.
  • Power - Describes the power profile of the endpoint.
  • Region - Describes the regional information of the user session.
  • Smartcard Reader - Describes the connected smart-card readers available to the user.
  • User - Identifies the logged in user.
  • Whois - Provides the results of a WHOIS lookup of the endpoint.

For the full list of available properties on Ubuntu or other platforms, see the Property Reference.

Known Issues

  • For FreeRDP 2 clients, depending upon the power settings of the Ubuntu OS, a Wi-Fi scan can be required to determine Location properties. However, the Wi-Fi scan currently fails from within FreeRDP 2, potentially resulting in Location properties being set to Unavailable.


There are no compatibility concerns with this release of the deviceTRUST Ubuntu Client, however please ensure that you are using the deviceTRUST Console 20.2.300 or later to be able to select the properties when defining contexts.