deviceTRUST 19.2 is now available and includes the new macOS Client and an updated iOS Client. See the release notes for more information.


deviceTRUST requires only one main component when installing on endpoint environments, the deviceTRUST Host. The deviceTRUST component can be installed and configured within minutes and can be fully integrated with existing deployment processes and management tools. No additional infrastructure (e.g. a database or a web server) is required for deviceTRUST to be installed in your environment.

deviceTRUST Host

This component needs to be installed on the endpoint. The deviceTRUST Property Matrix document for Endpoints explains in detail which HOST_* properties are available within the users’ endpoint session.

Architecture - Microsoft Windows Endpoints

The following diagram details the deviceTRUST architecture when the host is installed on a Windows OS, with deviceTRUST making the user and device context information available within the local desktop session. Policy is made available to the deviceTRUST Host using existing Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy Management. All operations performed by the deviceTRUST Host are written to the Microsoft Windows Event Log.

Microsoft Windows Endpoints
Microsoft Windows Endpoints