deviceTRUST for Windows 20.1.110 is now available. See the release notes for more information.

IGEL Client 19.1.200

This release includes new features and bug fixes, and is built into IGEL OS 10.05.800.

New LOGICALDISK Properties

We have added support for the LOGICALDISK category of properties, which provide real-time properties identifying the logical disks connected to the IGEL device. This includes support for the following properties:

  • DEVICE_LOGICALDISK_COUNT - The number of available logical disks.
  • DEVICE_LOGICALDISK_X_TYPE - The type of the logical disk, such as Fixed or Removable.
  • DEVICE_LOGICALDISK_X_LABEL - The volume label.
  • DEVICE_LOGICALDISK_X_FILESYSTEM - The underlying filesystem.
  • DEVICE_LOGICALDISK_X_PATH - The path where the disk is mounted.
  • DEVICE_LOGICALDISK_X_TOTALMB - The total size in MB of the logical disk. This is only available on mounted volumes.
  • DEVICE_LOGICALDISK_X_FREEMB - The free / available size in MB. This is only available on mounted volumes.
  • DEVICE_LOGICALDISK_X_NAME - The vendor and model of the logical disk.
  • DEVICE_LOGICALDISK_X_VENDOR_ID - The vendor id of the logical disk for USB or PCI connected disks.
  • DEVICE_LOGICALDISK_X_PRODUCT_ID - For USB connected disks, this is the USB product id. For PCI connected disks, this is the device id.
  • DEVICE_LOGICALDISK_X_SERIALNUMBER - The serial number of the physical disk.
  • DEVICE_LOGICALDISK_X_BUSTYPE - Set to the name of the bus that the device is connected, e.g. SATA, SCSI, USB, NVme, etc.


We now create a log file at /tmp/dtclient.log of the most recent deviceTRUST connection.

Bugs Fixed

  • Various performance and reliability improvements.
  • Fixed a potential crash when the IGEL device is configured to use a statically allocated IP address.
  • Fixed an issue determing the ICG server address on some version of IGEL devices.