deviceTRUST 20.2.300 for Windows and IGEL, and 20.2.200 for macOS is now available. See the Windows, IGEL or macOS release notes for more information.

macOS Client 20.2.200

This release includes new features and bug fixes to the deviceTRUST macOS Client.

New Certificate Properties

We’ve added support for the same Certificate properties of the remote device that are supported on Microsoft Windows platforms. These include:

  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_COUNT - The number of installed certificates.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_STORE - The name of the store which contains the certificate. On macOS, this is set to User, Common or Dynamic.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_LOCATION - The location of the certificate, such as ‘CurrentUser’ or ‘Local Machine’.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_VERSION - The x509 format version of the certificate.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_NAME - The name of the certificate.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_SUBJECT - The subject distinguished name of the certificate.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_ISSUER - The name of the certificate authority that issued the certificate.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_SIGNATUREALGORITHM - The algorithm used to create the certificate.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_SERIALNUMBER - The serial number of the certificate.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_THUMBPRINT_SHA256 - The SHA256 Thumbprint of the certificate.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_TEMPLATE - The name of the template which was used to generate the certificate.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_NOTBEFORE - The date after which the certificate becomes valid.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_NOTAFTER - The date after which the certificate expires.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_USAGE - The valid usages of the certificate.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_EXTENDEDUSAGE - The valid extended usages of the certificate.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_VERIFICATIONERROR - Describes why the certificate failed verification. On macOS this value is always None.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_ROOT_NAME - The root name of the certificate.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_ROOT_THUMBPRINT_SHA256 - The SHA256 Thumbprint of the root certificate.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_POLICIES - The certificate policies identifying the intended purpose of the certificate.
  • DEVICE_CERTIFICATE_X_TPM_KEY_ATTESTATION - Detects the key attestation issuance policies which prove to a CA that the certificate is protected by a trusted TPM.

Detection of VPN Networks

We’ve updated the Network properties with detection of VPN networks. These VPN networks all have a Type of PPP and a Virtual property set to true.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Name properties could be incorrect on macOS Big Sur.
  • Fixed an issue where the Citrix Viewer could potentially lock up on shutdown.


The deviceTRUST macOS Client 20.2.200 is compatible with all version of the deviceTRUST Host.