deviceTRUST 20.2.300 for Windows and IGEL, and 20.2.200 for macOS is now available. See the Windows, IGEL or macOS release notes for more information.

deviceTRUST 20.2.300

This release contains bug fixes and minor changes to the deviceTRUST Host, Client and Console. See deviceTRUST 20.2.200 release notes for full details of the new features introduced in 20.2.200. If upgrading, please refer to Compatibility for changes in this release.


  • Added a new option to the Deny Access task to Always show sign out button, which ensures Sign out is always displayed instead of Disconnect.
  • The AppLocker Policy Settings have been extended with the option to import new rules for Cisco WebEx, LogMeIn GoToMeeting/Webinar, Verizon Bluejeans Meetings and Zoom Meetings.
  • The AppLocker Policy Settings can now save the AppLocker policy to the AppLocker CSP MDM profile when using Windows Virtual Desktops.
  • The Audit Event task now includes a list of evaluated contexts when including a report detailing why the task was executed.
  • Added Linux to the supported client Operating Systems.
  • Various updates to the templates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue seen with Citrix VDA 1912 CU2 where tasks could fail to revert during disconnect.
  • Fixed an issue where DEVICE_NETWORK_X_IPV4 (and same for IPV6) were not automatically requested from the remote device when used within a context or action.
  • Fixed an issue where the DEVICE_DOMAIN properties which changed in 20.2.200 were not automatically upgraded when the remote device was using 19.4.100 or earlier.
  • Additional reliability fixes have been added to the deviceTRUST Host for Amazon WorkSpaces.


If upgrading from deviceTRUST 20.1.200 or earlier, be sure to refer to the deviceTRUST 20.1.200 Compatibility notes.

If upgrading from deviceTRUST 20.2.100, ensure all deviceTRUST Hosts are upgraded before applying policy that has been written by the deviceTRUST Console 20.2.200 or later.

There have been no changes to the ADMX policy definitions.