deviceTRUST 20.1.200 for Windows, IGEL and eLux is now available. See the Windows, IGEL or eLux release notes for more information.

Download deviceTRUST Clients

The latest clients for Windows and macOS can be download by end users from deviceTRUST Client Download.

Download deviceTRUST 20.1

The latest deviceTRUST 20.1 binaries can be downloaded from the link below:

Version 20.1.200
Release Date 18th September 2020
MD5 Hash D7A47E1290ABBA7BE4A3BA6443D50084
SHA256 Hash 38B036A204E2C373BB33182926503C4DAA7DF9E4D2739546FB2239491FAFB89B

Download deviceTRUST 19.4

The deviceTRUST 19.4 binaries can be downloaded from the link below:

Version 19.4.100
Release Date 20th January 2020
MD5 Hash 696DC206E3D4EAB3705F6FA0EBD704A4
SHA256 Hash 533352B865003A6DB9605F97B4C84753D3DED0DCA686829ADA42E67A46FA8C55

Software components

After downloading the deviceTRUST software, you will find the following components within the compressed ZIP file:

Component Description
DTCLIENT-RELEASE-x.x.x.x.EXE The deviceTRUST 32-bit and 64-bit client installer.
DTCONSOLE-X64-RELEASE-x.x.x.x.MSI The deviceTRUST 64-bit console installer.
DTCONSOLE-X86-RELEASE-x.x.x.x.MSI The deviceTRUST 32-bit console installer.
DTDEMOTOOL-RELEASE-x.x.x.x.EXE The deviceTRUST Demo Tool.
DTHOST-X64-RELEASE-x.x.x.x.MSI The deviceTRUST 64-bit host installer.
DTHOST-X86-RELEASE-x.x.x.x.MSI The deviceTRUST 32-bit host installer.
DTPOLICYDEFINITIONS-x.x.x.x.ZIP The deviceTRUST ADMX policy definitions for configuring the software from Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy (GPO).
DTREPORTING-x.x.x.x.ZIP The deviceTRUST reports which can be imported to your existing reporting server.
  • deviceTRUST host, console, and client components require administrative privileges for the installation.