deviceTRUST for Windows and the deviceTRUST Client Extension for IGEL OS 12 and macOS are now available.

Download deviceTRUST 23.1 for Windows

The latest deviceTRUST 23.1 binaries, including the deviceTRUST Agent, Console and Client Extension can be downloaded from the link below:

Version 23.1.210
Release Date 9th February 2024
SHA256 Hash 245554D3712C7B10F4FED4650D0837DAB444192E09B125ACF389257DBBCBCE9F

Previous releases of these components can be downloaded here.

Download deviceTRUST Client Extensions

The latest client extensions for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Ubuntu can be download by end users from the deviceTRUST Client Extension Download page.

The latest client extensions for IGEL OS and Unicon eLux are built into the respective products.

The latest Stratodesk NoTouch OS client extension can be found below:

Version 23.1.100
Release Date 19th May 2023
NoTouch Citrix URL
NoTouch Citrix SHA256 B5AF15C3338646A62EA4090AEB41C2DD2609B7B9228085C6B0DF7B90567A3C62
NoTouch RDP SHA256 1E4F5DF9ABBA115BF9E0FD62A7EDA54C46C8C47ABE9EC12B737B4BA3CE40801D
NoTouch VMware URL
NoTouch VMware SHA256 27B80D37F28DC90727560527FD04BDA56F33C919EEE17C9E860D593D04707E34
  • deviceTRUST may change these urls in the future. To ensure you don't experience any downtime you should copy these files and host them within your own environment.

Software components

After downloading the deviceTRUST software, you will find the following components:

Component Description
DTAGENT-X64-RELEASE-x.x.x.x.MSI The deviceTRUST Agent installer.
DTCLIENT-EXTENSION-RELEASE-x.x.x.x.EXE The deviceTRUST Client Extension installer.
DTCONSOLE-X64-RELEASE-x.x.x.x.MSI The deviceTRUST Console installer.
DTPOLICYDEFINITIONS-x.x.x.x.ZIP The deviceTRUST ADMX policy definitions for configuring legacy options in the software from Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy (GPO).
  • deviceTRUST Agent, Console and Client Extension components require administrative privileges for the installation.