deviceTRUST 23.1.300 for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu are now available.

iOS Client Extension 23.1.200

This release brings support for iOS and iPadOS 17 and later, and is available to download from the App Store.

Please refer to the Client Extension installation on iOS and iPadOS devices for more information.

Passcode authentication for iOS 17

Previously when connecting to a virtual session with an iOS device, the deviceTRUST Agent matched the client name taken from the remoting protocol with the name of the registered iPhone or iPad within the deviceTRUST Portal. However with Apple’s continued push towards user privacy, the ability to query the name of the device is now limited to apps meeting specific criteria and requesting the necessary entitlement. Neither the deviceTRUST Client Extension for iOS, or any of the popular remoting clients, have been granted this entitlement. Having lost the only information we have that identifies the remote iOS device, a new approach to matching the remote device is required.

We now support the use of passcodes to match the remote device. When connecting from a remote iOS device, the deviceTRUST Agent will now display a passcode to the user of configurable length. The user must then switch to the deviceTRUST Client Extension for iOS and enter that passcode. They can then return to the virtual session to gain access to their desktop or published application.

Passcode authentication from iOS device
Passcode authentication from iOS device

By using passcodes, we now support iOS as a remote device on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Cloud, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and VMware Horizon View. For more information, see OS Compatibility.

More information can be found in the iOS Passcodes reference.

Location and Network Wi-Fi SSID/BSSID

We’ve added support for Location and Network Wi-Fi SSID and BSSID properties from iOS remote devices. Users must consent to location privileges when either Location or Network Wi-Fi SSID and BSSID are first requested. Since these properties potentially require user interaction, they are only available when using passcode authentication.

Location Properties
Location Properties


This version of the deviceTRUST Client Extension for iOS is backwards compatible with previous deviceTRUST Agents. However the new passcode authentication functionality is required for compatibility with iOS 17 and later, and requires deviceTRUST Agent 23.1.200 or later.