deviceTRUST 23.1.300 for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu are now available.

Local Templates

The deviceTRUST use cases for local devices are summarized within the following categories.

Template category overview
Template category overview


  • Building Blocks - Individual contexts and actions that can be used as building blocks within your configuration.
  • Compliant Application Access - Controls access to applications within the session.
  • Dynamic Policy - Applies a dynamic policy within the session.
  • Geolocation - Validates and controls access based on geolocation information of the local device.
  • Location Aware Printing - Maps network printers and defines a default printer based on the device placement within a building.
  • Status Report - Reports the status of the local device to various destinations.
  • Time-based Access - Controls access to the session or applications when accessed outside of working hours.
  • Unauthorized USB Device - Denies access to the session when an unauthorized USB device is plugged in.