deviceTRUST 23.1.120 for Windows is now available.

macOS Client Extension 23.1.110

This release includes enhancements and bug fixes to the deviceTRUST Client Extension for macOS.

Release 23.1.110 includes a bug fix to address changes in macOS Sonoma that now require apps to request location permission to be able to access Wi-Fi information of the connected networks.

Nice DCV extension support including Amazon WorkSpaces WSP

We now include a Nice DCV extensions within the deviceTRUST Client Extension for macOS bringing support for the latest Nice DCV Standalone, Amazon WorkSpaces WSP, Amazon AppStream and more.

On Amazon WorkSpaces WSP, the Configure extensions policy must be set to Server and Client and there are additional software requirements. More information can be found in our Enabling DCV extensions on Amazon WorkSpaces WSP knowledge base article.

Bug Fixes in 23.1.100

  • Fixed an issue where the macOS Update Enabled property could be inaccurate on Apple macOS 13.0 and later.

Bug Fixes in 23.1.110

  • Fixed an issue where the Network Wi-Fi properties were inaccurate on macOS Sonoma, with the Wi-Fi Security property was set to “Other (-1)” and Wi-Fi BSSID and Wi-Fi SSID both empty. This issue was caused by macOS Sonoma now requiring permission to access the user location in order to determine these properties, and as a result the deviceTRUST Client Extension for macOS now prompts for location permissions when these properties are requested.

Known Issues

  • Amazon WorkSpaces no longer allows PCoIP virtual channels to be loaded. This can be worked around by installing Amazon WorkSpaces Client v5.3.0.


There are no compatibility concerns with this release of the deviceTRUST Client Extension for macOS.

For Amazon WorkSpaces WSP support, please ensure you are using deviceTRUST 23.1.112 or later to ensure reliable connectivity between the deviceTRUST Agent and the deviceTRUST Client Extension for macOS.