The latest deviceTRUST 23.1.100 for Microsoft Windows and our new Stratodesk NoTouch OS Client Extension 23.1.100 are now available.

deviceTRUST 23.1.100

This release includes new features and bug fixes to the deviceTRUST Console, Agent and Client Extension for Microsoft Windows. Please refer to Compatibility for changes that may impact users upgrading from previous releases.

  1. Nice DCV extension support for Amazon AWS
  2. Stratodesk NoTouch Thin Client
  3. Agentless Multihop
  4. Process Isolation
  5. Other changes
  6. Bug fixes
  7. Compatibility

Nice DCV extension support for Amazon AWS

We’ve added support for Nice DCV extensions, bringing the full feature set of deviceTRUST to the latest Nice DCV Standalone, Amazon WorkSpaces WSP, Amazon AppStream and more.

On Amazon WorkSpaces WSP, the Configure extensions policy must be set to Server and Client and there are additional software requirements. More information can be found in our Enabling DCV extensions on Amazon WorkSpaces WSP knowledge base article.

Stratodesk NoTouch Thin Client

Thin clients running the Stratodesk NoTouch OS are now supported. Please see the Stratodesk NoTouch Client Extension 23.1.100 Release Notes for more information.

Agentless Multihop

We’ve introduced a new multihop architecture, which permits a subset of properties to be read from intermediate hops which have only the deviceTRUST Client Extension installed, but without the deviceTRUST Agent.

The properties supported from intermediate hops within an agentless multihop environment include:

  • deviceTRUST - The Version property.
  • Domain - All properties.
  • Name - All properties.
  • User - The Name, Domain, Domain DNS, Distinguished Name, Sid and Domain Logon properties.

More information regarding our multi-hop scenarios can be found within our Multihop Scenario architecture overview.

Process Isolation

To minimise our footprint on remoting clients whilst ensuring a consistent execution environment across all platforms, the deviceTRUST Client Extension now executes within a new process named ‘dtsensors.exe’. Customers who repackage the deviceTRUST Client Extension or who have strict antivirus policies, may need to accomodate this new executable.

Other changes

  • The WHOIS provider for the WHOIS properties has changed. ISP and DNS results may differ from previous releases.
  • The WHOIS provider now detects and utilises OS configured proxy servers when resolving an IP into an ISP or Country.
  • Added an Advanced setting to control whether users are disconnected if connectivity to the remote device is lost.
  • Various updates to templates.
  • Various enhancements to logging, including automatic tracking of WinLogon notifications.

Bug fixes

  • Improved reliability of virtual channel when using Amazon WorkSpaces with PCoIP.
  • Fixed an issue with Citrix published app failing to load.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect USB drive serial numbers.
  • Fixed an occasional deviceTRUST Agent crash if a remote client disconnects whilst establishing context with the remote device.


This compatibility section builds on our general approach to compatibility which can be found on the compatibility page.

If upgrading from release deviceTRUST 21.1, be sure to refer to the deviceTRUST 21.1.300 Compatibility notes.

The deviceTRUST Agents can read policies created by previous releases of the deviceTRUST Console. However, they cannot read policies created by a newer console. Therefore, you must ensure that the deviceTRUST Agent 23.1.100 is deployed before applying policy that has been written by the deviceTRUST Console 23.1.100 or later.

An additional dtsensors.exe process now executes on the remote device when a connection is established with the deviceTRUST Agent. Customers who repackage the deviceTRUST Client Extension or who have strict antivirus policies, may need to accomodate this new executable.

The whois endpoints have changed. Please ensure access to and is possible without the requirement of proxy servers.

The whois ISP and DNS may return different results to previous releases.