deviceTRUST 23.1.300 for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu are now available.

iOS Client Extension 23.1.100

This release includes new features and bug fixes, and is available to download from the App Store.

Please refer to the Client Extension installation on iOS and iPadOS devices for more information about the iOS Client Extension.

The iOS Client Extension 23.1.100 is currently only compatible with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix Cloud running iOS 16 or earlier. For increased compatibility, please refer to release 23.1.200.

MDM Managed App Configuration with Custom Properties

We now support deployment and registration via managed app configuration policies. These policies include:

  • A registration key removing the need to deploy a QR code to register end users.
  • Permissions to enable or disable the Add Registration and Remove Registration options.
  • Ability to specify the device name identifying the iOS device.
  • Ability to specify the hardware bios serial property value.
  • Ability to specify custom properties allowing properties known to the MDM provider such as the device phone number, serial number or IMEI number.

A template file can be downloaded from the deviceTRUST Portal. For more information refer to iOS Managed App Configuration.

Bug fixes

  • We’ve made significant changes to the reliability of the notifications, an essential component in establishing a connection between the deviceTRUST Agent and the iOS Client Extension.

Known issues

  • As of iOS 16.0 and later, apps require a special entitlement to be able to query the user assigned device name of an iPhone or iPad. The iOS Client Extension does not yet have this entitlement, and therefore can only read the device name as either iPhone or iPad. A unique device name is required for each device to successfully establish a connection between the deviceTRUST Agent and the iOS Client Extension. This limitation can be worked around by renaming devices within the deviceTRUST Portal, or by using an MDM app configuration policy to inform the iOS Client Extension of the real device name.
  • As of iOS 16.5 and later, cellular properties can no longer be queried from an iOS application.


There are no other compatibility concerns with this release of the iOS Client Extension.