deviceTRUST 23.1.300 for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu are now available.

Ubuntu Client Extension 21.1.300

This release includes enhancements and bug fixes to the deviceTRUST Client Extension for Ubuntu Desktop.

Support for VMware Horizon View

The deviceTRUST Ubuntu Client now includes support for VMware Horizon View using the Blast, PCoIP or RDP protocols. The full list of supported technologies can be found at Operating System Compatibility

Custom Properties for Linux devices

The Custom Properties Settings now supports remote Linux devices. This allows a custom script to be executed on the remote Linux device to return one or more properties beginning with REMOTE_CUSTOM by writing e.g. REMOTE_CUSTOM_NAME=VALUE to the output.

Minor enhancements

  • Added VPN and Adapter properties to the WHOIS results.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a potential crash during the logoff or disconnect from a session.


There are no compatibility concerns with this release of the deviceTRUST Ubuntu Client.