deviceTRUST for Windows and the deviceTRUST Client Extension for IGEL OS 12 and macOS are now available.


If your deviceTRUST installation or configuration does not work as expected, then the Knowledge Base is a useful resource for common problems and resolutions. The following sections detail some useful knowledge base articles depending upon your deployment scenario:

Scenario: Remote

In remote scenarios, deviceTRUST transports the context information from the user’s remote device to the virtual session where the configuration is enforced. Please check the following knowledge base articles:

Scenario: Local

In local scenarios, deviceTRUST collects context information and executes actions locally. Please check the following knowledge base articles:

Open a support ticket with us

Additional articles may be found by searching the Knowledge Base. However, if none of these steps help or if you have any further questions, feel free to open a ticket via our support contact form.