The latest deviceTRUST 21.1.300 for Ubuntu is now available.



  • Advanced - Defines the advanced settings for configuring deviceTRUST behavior.
  • Auditing - Defines the audit events that are raised to the Windows Event Log.
  • Azure AD - Defines the Tenant ID, Application (Client) ID and Secret required to manage Azure AD.
  • Custom Properties - Defines a script launched on Logon, Reconnect (or Unlock), and Service Start to initialise custom properties before context evaluation.
  • File-Based Policy - Defines the behavior of file-based policy.
  • Licensing - Defines your deviceTRUST license and the users managed by deviceTRUST.
  • Mail Server - Defines the mail server used by the Send Mail task.
  • Map Drive - Defines the retry and timeout settings for the Map Drive task.
  • Microsoft AppLocker - Defines the Microsoft AppLocker policy to control the applications, installers and scripts that can be launched.
  • Printer - Defines the printer management options and the retry and timeout settings for the Map Printer task.
  • Property - Defines the collection, persistence, and settings of the properties.
  • Security - Defines which external processes have permission to get or set properties, modify the registry, and invoke triggers.
  • System Messages - Defines the messages shown when connecting to a user session or when access is denied.